Endeit Capital starts second fund

News 3 minutes read August 2015

Partly inspired by the strong performance of Fund I, a group of investors joined Endeit Capital co-founder Hubert Deitmers as an investor in the second fund. The cornerstone investors are Joop van den Ende and the European Investment Fund. In addition, a number of founders of portfolio companies in Fund I, including the founders of Eyeworks, Metrixlab and Improve Digital, became investor in Endeit Fund II. Several other highly successful entrepreneurs have joined, including the founder of Drukwerkdeal. Finally, the entire investment team is also involved as a shareholder.
With offices in Amsterdam and Hamburg, the fund focuses in particular on the Benelux and Germany. Based on the thesis ‘the connected consumer’, the fund mainly focuses on companies that are active in the field of digital media & marketing, online commerce and services, edtech and mobile.
Hubert Deitmers: ” Despite the remarkable journey that the internet has already taken, we are still just at the beginning of the developments in this field. A good example is that of the total retail market worldwide, online retail sales still accounts for 6%* only (excluding travel and ticket sales), while the market at the same time faces many big established online players. In my view there is no reason why this percentage wouldn’t at least double in the next three to four years. Many other sectors will be disrupted as well. For example, through the digitization of education, digitization in the financial world and the increase in the number of online applications in the medical field. I am therefore convinced that in the coming years, many interesting Internet companies can show strong growth. We very much would like to help them.”

* Source: eMarketer.com

About Endeit Capital
Investment firm Endeit Capital, formerly Van den Ende & Deitmers, was founded in 2006 and has offices in Amsterdam and Hamburg. The company is known of its successful investments such as Metrixlab (sold to Macromill in 2014), Albumprinter (sold to Vistaprint in 2011), Improve Digital (sold to PubliGroupe in 2012), Eyeworks (sold to Warner Bros in 2014), Hyves (sold to TMG in 2010) and Unamic/HCN (sold to Xerox in 2011).
About Fund I
•    Growth capital provided to 20 young companies, of which 15 Internet companies;
•    Based on the buy & build strategy, the number of additional companies that were acquired by the 20 portfolio companies is 27;
•    The combined turnover of these 20 companies during the period that Endeit Capital was a shareholder has grown from €235 million to €825 million. This occurred on average in four years and five months, resulting in an average growth (CAGR) of 33%. This mainly in the years of recession;
•    In the same period the number of employees grew from 1620 to 4244;
•    The 20 companies have generally shown strong international expansion, which resulted in many top 3 market positions and offices in 22 countries in total. Examples include Metrixlab, Improve Digital, Albumprinter, Unamic/HCN, Unruly, Smartclip, Picturae and Eyeworks;
•    The youngest entrepreneur was 24 years old, while the average age of the founders was 38;
•    Of the 20 companies, there are still five in the portfolio. Namely; the English Unruly, the German Smartclip and the Dutch companies Spil Games, Picturae and Quadia;

Edwin Hengstmengel
Partner Endeit

Endeit refers to the following statement in connection with the sustainable finance disclosure regulation (SFDR), available here.

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