4 days ago 2 minutes read

Endeit Capital is looking for an Investment Intern in Berlin

last month 4 minutes read
Founder Hubert Deitmers

The story of Hubert Deitmers, founder of Endeit Capital: saying ‘no’ and maintaining focus

“The success of scale-ups often comes down to daring to say no.” 

last month 7 minutes read Blog
Carbon Accounting Header Image

Endeit’s perspective: key insights and investment criteria in carbon accounting scale-ups

Endeit is actively exploring opportunities in the climate tech sector. Today, we will delve into the topic of carbon accounting and management.

November 2023 8 minutes read Blog
Martijn Hamann and Olya Klueppel

Fuelling scale-ups: creating synergy between Venture Capital and Venture Debt

November 2023 3 minutes read Blog
7 tips by Edwin Hengstmengel

Launching your business in the USA: 7 tips from partner Edwin Hengstmengel


September 2023 4 minutes read News

Endeit invests in Dutch employee skill training company Lepaya

Edwin Hengstmengel, -Endeit Capital-: “It’s impressive how Lepaya managed to engrain its platform as a core part of its client’s upskilling DNA, and we are very excited to be part of the continued journey.”

May 2023 3 minutes read News

Endeit invests in German Saas platform Sastrify

March 2023 2 minutes read News

Endeit invests in patent AI company IPRally

February 2023 2 minutes read News

Amsterdam’s Amberscript acquires two competitors with financing from Endeit Capital

July 2022 3 minutes read News

Happeo raises US$26 million in Series B funding to solve information chaos for fast-moving businesses

May 2022 3 minutes read News

Endeit Capital announces final closing of Endeit Fund III at €303m to support European tech scale-ups

March 2022 12 minutes read Blog

Why we invested in Sharpist

February 2022 3 minutes read News

Endeit invests in leading digital coaching provider Sharpist

February 2022 2 minutes read News

TripActions to acquire Comtravo to drive expansion in Europe

February 2022 4 minutes read Blog

Intelligent Empowerment ventures: four company success stories

November 2021 2 minutes read News
Endeit Capital invests in neo-broker BUX

BUX continues European expansion, introducing BUX Zero to the Spanish market

November 2021 3 minutes read Blog
Endeit’s outlook on Intelligent Empowerment

Endeit’s outlook on Intelligent Empowerment

In a recent blog Hubert Deitmers shared with you that Endeit Capital has become founding partner of AI.nl, a new Dutch platform for the Intelligent Empowerment community. After the launch of this new platform, it’s time to share you more about our outlook at Endeit Capital on Intelligent Empowerment technologies.

November 2021 3 minutes read News

Amberscript Raises $10m USD to Make All Audio and Video Accessible

October 2021 3 minutes read

Ilan Goudsmit promoted to Partner & Daniël Langerveld to Investment Manager

October 2021 3 minutes read

Endeit Capital portfolio company Roamler acquires French competitor Mobeye 


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