Rose d’or nominations for “the line up”, I know what you did last Friday” & “Old Belgium”

News 3 minutes read June 2010

Eyeworks gets two out of nine nominations in the category game shows Yesterday evening in London, during the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), the nominees for the “Rose d’Or” were announced. Television producer Eyeworks is nominated twice in the prestigious category ‘game show’ with “The Line‐Up” and “I Know What You Did…Last Friday”, and once in the category ‘drama’ with “Old Belgium”. Internationally, the annual Rose d’Or Festival is the most important European festival for entertainment programming on television.

“The Line‐Up” will return this fall for a second season at Dutch public broadcaster AVRO for Netherlands 3. Last season “I Know What You Did…Last Friday” premiered at public broadcaster TROS also on Netherlands 3. Besides the Dutch version, the show airs in Czech Republic and Sweden, and just finished a very successful series on Belgium’s largest commercial station VTM.
The third nominee, the critically acclaimed and prestigious Belgian drama series “Old Belgium”, aired this season on public broadcaster Één (VRT) in Belgium, and rated extremely well.

In the past five years Eyeworks has won three “Rose d’Or Awards”, twice for BBC’s “Test The Nation: The National IQ Test” and once for the BBC show “Hider In The House”, which also aired in The Netherlands last year.
The winners of the awards will be announced during the Rose d’Or Festival on September 22nd in Lucerne, Switzerland.
About The Line‐Up We’ve lined them up for you: 6 cliché groups who share a profession or interest. People from all walks of life. For example: 6 geeks, primary school teachers, managers, law students, boy scouts or surf dudes. In “The Line‐Up” all the contestant has to do is guess which question they can’t answer. Do you know what a security guard knows and a hockey girl doesn’t? If you play you cliché cards right, you just might turn them into cash.

About I Know What You Did…Last Friday
We‘ve all had them: days where you can’t seem to remember anything you did 5 minutes ago, let alone the day before. In “I Know What You Did…Last Friday”, contestants have to read their own minds after spending an entire day (‘last Friday’) under hypnosis, and then having all the day’s events wiped from their memory. The next thing they know, candidates who think they’re waking up in their own bedroom find themselves in a TV studio where they have to accurately predict all the hilarious and sometimes even shocking things they did while under hypnosis ‘Last Friday’.

About Old Belgium
The drama series “Old Belgium” takes place in Antwerp in 1978. The “Ancienne Belgique” concert hall presents a new revue every week. Local artists perform musical acts, dance, sketches and conjurer’s acts. But behind the scenes and in the dressing rooms, life is not always easy. Competition among the artists is fierce. One concert hall after another closes its doors for lack of an audience. The main competitor is television. Manager Mathonay is aware of the situation but he realizes that ultimately he will have to give up, especially now that Dutch businessmen have their eye on his building and want to turn it into a clothes shop.

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