Roamler is now launching Roamler Tech in the United Kingdom

2 minutes read March 2020

Roamler Tech uses mobile crowdsourcing to facilitate professional in-home & commercial installations, service and repairs through an on-demand Crowd of independent workers active in different fields, including telecoms, electrical and smart-home appliances.

Roamler Tech’s professional Crowd consists of certified installers across the UK, activated on-demand and managed directly through the Roamler app. Businesses offer tasks via the app that Crowd members can accept according to their preferences and work schedule. The “plug & play” nature of this new way of working, along with considerable cost benefits is attracting businesses to this model.

By leveraging the flexibility provided by the crowdsourcing model, and the fact that Roamler Tech guarantee the installation quality, as well as checking 100% of installations, businesses can offer their customers the freedom to pick their preferred installation time, including weekends and evenings, while guaranteeing maximum quality of service.

The assignments made available by businesses are matched to Crowd members according to skill set, certifications, experience level and proximity to the location of each installation. In addition, customers are requested to approve and rate each service, which encourages Crowd members to continually improve their customer interactions.

Roamler Tech was successfully launched in the Netherlands in 2016.

“In the past four years, Roamler Tech has been proving that crowdsourcing can be effectively applied to professional installations. In the Netherlands national brands including KPN, the leading mobile company, and Eneco, a top3 utility company, have enjoyed the benefits of this model, which include increased customer satisfaction, reduced service costs, data integrity and guaranteed quality,” says Pete Gilbert, Commercial Director of Roamler Tech UK. “The first pilot projects have already started in the UK and we are talking with numerous companies who are seeing that this on-demand, crowdsourced model can bring significant benefits versus their current service model. From April, Roamler Tech UK will be one of the official installation partners for RING security devices in the UK.”

With more and more independent professionals joining the Roamler Tech Crowd and embracing a new way of working, the company is preparing to enable more brands to make use of Crowd-supported in-home & commercial installations, service and repairs.

Wendy Horlings
Office Manager

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