Eyeworks proud of International Emmy Award for CQC

News 2 minutes read November 2011

Eyeworks is very pleased that ‘Caiga Quien Caiga (CQC)’, the hit show from Eyeworks Argentina, has won an International Emmy Award. After being nominated nine time since 1999 the show finally won the award in the category ‘Non Scripted Entertainment’, leaving UK’s ‘Heston’s Feast’, the Dutch format ‘Remembering School’, and Japanese show ‘Run For The Money’ behind. Diego Guebel (CEO Eyeworks Argentina a.o. and co‐creator of CQC): ‘Winning the award is amazing and a well deserved honor for everybody working on CQC. It’s great that the show we started in 1995 has such a relevance and impact on today’s international TV market’.

Since its start in 1995 CQC is produced in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, Portugal, Israel, The Netherlands, Italy, and France. About CQC CQC is a weekly news roundup that takes a humorous and ironic approach to current affairs, show business and sports. A program that makes fun of reality and pushes beyond what is expected. Each week, a trio of relentless hosts presents the most original stories to show reality in a unique way, far from your every day newscast. A truly high rating cult phenomenon!

About Eyeworks Eyeworks is a creative, independent television & film production company that develops, produces and distributes content in different genres including sport, fiction and entertainment. Eyeworks was founded in The Netherlands in 2001 by Reinout Oerlemans. Nowadays, Eyeworks has a production presence in seventeen countries on four different continents: The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia and the US. Television formats of Eyeworks are broadcast in more than 50 countries worldwide. Eyeworks Sport produces major sport events for multiple broadcasters in the Netherlands, including the football matches for the Europa League and the Dutch National Team. Eyeworks Fiction titles include the Oscar winning Antonia’s Line and The Alzheimer Case. Recent feature films include productions such as Stricken, Dossier K, The Happy Housewife, Crazy About Ya, Dik Trom, and New Kids Turbo (Dutch premiere December 6). Eyeworks’ police series Cops is one of the best rated TV series, with over 100 episodes aired in the Benelux.

Advance is Eyeworks’ crossmedia company that develops and exploits interactive platforms. Eyeworks Distribution is dedicated to the worldwide licensing of formats and finished programming from the combined catalogues of all Eyeworks affiliates as well as third party formats. Internationally successful formats include: Test The Nation, Ticket To The Tribes, Who Wants To Marry My Son, CQC, Half Ton Mum, OctoMom Me & My 14 Kids, Beat The Blondes, The OCD Project, The Italian Dream, I Know What You Did Last Friday and Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition (Obese).

Wendy Horlings
Office Manager

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